[Felting] Tutorial #3 - Connecting pins and rings

If you purchased kits such as the emoji necklace bunny or the carrot bunny earphone plug, you will receive a bunch of rings and pins to deal with. But don't panic, they are incredibly simple to assemble. 

9-Shaped Pins 

how to use a 9-shaped pin on wool felts



how to use t-pins for wool felting


Jump rings

Jump rings are used to connect elements, commonly for connecting chains, T-pins and 9-shaped pins. The hoops in red are jump rings. Use pliers to open them up, connect the pieces then close them. 

how to use jump rings in wool felting


Putting your work together

Attach a jump ring to the earphone plug/phone string/etc., then use all the above pins to connect other felt creations, completing the entire project. 

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