[Miniature Houses] How exactly do the miniature houses work?

"How do you make the miniature houses? I'm not very crafty, will I be able to make one?"


We get this question a lot. So we're here to walk you through the miniature house crafting process.

DIY miniature houses typically require cutting, gluing, folding and other simple tasks. 

For our example, we'll be using Forest Times. This is one of our favourites and we built one ourselves a few days ago. 





DIY miniature house kit - forest times - unboxing

This is what you'll receive in each Forest Times craft kit. Contents will vary for other miniature house models, but this is the basic idea.  

  1. Plastic boards: used to make the transparent dust cover which protects the house from dust. (Note: not all models include dust covers.)
  2. Larger wood boards: forms the outer structure of the house.
  3. Smaller wood pieces: used to make furniture, such as beds, shelves and window frames. 
  4. Fabrics, cotton, laces: for bed sheets, pillows, curtains
  5. Beads, wires, fake plants: combined with other materials to make lamps, flower pots, various decorations.
  6. Paper parts & templates, English instruction booklet: paper parts will be required many times throughout the crafting process; used to make books, wall paintings, paper boxes, etc. 
  7. Battery case & LED lights
  8. Tools: utility knife, awl and tweezers are included in the kit; ruler, scissors, screwdriver and glue are also required.  


Furniture Example - Bed

1. Glue the wood pieces together, forming a bed frame. 

2. Cut out a specific paper part (not shown in the picture), glue it into a rectangular box and then glue it on top of the bed to become the mattress. 

3. Cut the fabrics into the appropriate size, add laces for decoration and glue them to the bed. 

4. Sew or glue the blue cloths into pillows (cotton is provided, not shown in the picture). 



Furniture Example #2 - Bedroom Bench

This is a screenshot of the instruction booklet. It explains how to make the bedside bench and all the decorations on it. It really shows how much detail is involved - for example, even a small plant requires the assembly of four different raw materials. 


Lighting and Music 

LED lights are easy to setup. Twist the matching wires together and you're all set. The battery case (controlling the two LED lights) and clockworks music box are installed on the back wall. This makes it easy to play music or switch on/off the lights and meanwhile, these components are hidden under the furniture so they don't affect the looks. We didn't cut our wires enough, thus the white tapes. Otherwise it should look neater. 


The End Result

DIY miniature dollhouse - forest times

Finally, this is a closeup of what we built. There were two of us, and we spent about 10 hours, spread out over three days. We didn't find anything difficult - after all, patience is the most important part. 

If you still have any questions, feel free to send us an email or message us on Facebook

~videos coming soon~

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