[Felting] Tutorial #0 - Needle Felting Basics

What is needle felting?

Simply put, by poking wool excessively with a needle, you can turn it into a wool figurine.


How it Works

Wool fibers contain scales that can’t be seen through the naked eye. By poking them with a barbed felting needle, the scales are intertwined and locked together. As the process continues, the wool eventually turns into a firm, solid shape.   



Felting needles

The essential tool for needle felting projects. It has barbs on the end which locks the scales on the wool together. There are a variety of sizes; some are thicker than others, and the number of barbs can be different. 

finger protectors for wool felting

Finger protectors

Use these leather protectors to prevent being poked in the finger. Optional but highly recommended for beginners.



foam pad for needle felting

Foam pad

A work surface for needle felting. It prevents the needle from damaging the desk and also makes the needles less likely to break.



Fun Story

The discovery of felt is related to the legend of St.Clement, the patron Saint of Hatters. Fleeing from prosecution, he passed through a forest where he started to feel pain in his feet. He collected some wool he found on the bushes and wrapped the wool around his feet, then put his shoes back on. When he arrived at a safe place, the wool has already transformed into felt shoes.

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