Provence - DIY Miniature House Kit

Michu Things

Delight in the violet florals of this French villa inspired miniature house kit. With two stories including a porch swing, piano, and lace elements, Provence is perfect for those who relish in splendid details.

Provence comes with 7 LED lights on a switch and a wind-up music module. English instruction booklet, tweezers, utility knife, and awl come included with the kit.

This product is D.I.Y., so assembly is certainly required!

Check out the FAQ and our blogs for more info on how DIY House kits work. 


Product by: CUTE ROOM 

Difficulty: ☆☆☆

Time Needed to Complete: ~5 days

Dimensions (finished product): 32*24*20.5cm

Required Tools:

  • ruler
  • scissors
  • sewing kit (needle and thread is sufficient)
  • screwdriver
  • glue (90mL of clear glue is recommended)

Batteries not included. Two AAA batteries are required for LED lights to work. 

Note: Based on supplier availability, certain raw materials may slightly vary in style.