About Us

Michu Things is a crafting kit online store originated in 2016 in Canada. The main concept of Michu Things is to make crafts more accessible. Everyone has a drive towards creating and it draws us together, that's why this concept is so important to us. Knitting, sewing, and other DIY projects often take a long period of mastery and we believe that in our modern world, crafting projects need to be simple with required materials being affordable and easy to access.


Our Products

Miniature House kits: In each kit there are raw materials such as wood pieces, fabrics, wires and beads. You'll do the assembling which usually involves cutting and gluing, folding, shaping wires and other basic actions. The end product is a miniature house which is perfect for decoration. 

Wool Felting kits: In each kit you'll be given wool and other accessories, such as eye pieces and chains. Within 1-2 hours of simple needle felting (basically, repeatedly poking wool with a needle), you'll end up with an adorable wool creation. 

Still not sure? Check out our tutorials!


What is Michu?


Michu is the definition of creation and is the mascot of our business. He was born at the very conception of Michu Things, a little sprite that leaves a trail of purple behind him every time he moves. Although the creations he makes are not always perfect, he continues to create. He reminds us that creation is life itself and that we should always carry our imaginations with us.


From pencil to paper, needle to thread, Michu has been fascinated with the many ways we can create. Inspired, he assembled a collection of things he wanted to share with the world, something that everyone could make. And thus, they are here for you to discover and experience.


Our Value-Adds


 Optimized Instructions

For each product we have optimized the instructions in English

Transaction Convenience

We offer free shipping over $45 CAD and part replacement services

Customer Support

We have blogs, guides, and support staff to help you with your project needs


Our team works hard to ensure that there are no barriers to your DIY journey. Plus we try to make the overall experience super fun. 

Our features:

  • Optimized printed English instructions, tutorials and tips to guide you through
  • If the above features are not helpful enough, we'll provide support throughout your DIY journey, Leave us a message and we will reply within 24 hours. We have a team of cheerful, friendly & experienced DIY masters dedicated to make your journey smooth.
  • part replacement policy to keep you covered in case there are any broken or missing parts
  • Our team is always on the hunt for new, exciting projects. We'll do the searching while you focus on the crafting!