Cotton Candy Tree - DIY Felting Kit

Michu Things

Brighten your room or someone else's with this colorful cotton candy tree. It's super simple to craft!

This is an unfinished, DIY product. Check out our tutorials for more needle felting instructions and tips.

Recommended Age: 14+

Difficulty: 1/5

Each kit includes:

  • Wool
  • Clay flower pot (approx. 6cm diameter)
  • Lace ribbon 
  • 3 felting needles 
  • English instruction manual 

Additional Required Tools:

  • Glue (10 mL of clear glue is recommended)


Note: Felting needles are delicate and may break if incorrectly used. An extra pack of needles is recommended for beginners. 

(Due to lighting and photography, certain wool colors may look slightly different compared to product photos.)