Meeting Your Sweet - 1:24 DIY Miniature Dollhouse Craft Kit

Michu Things

A medium-sized loft apartment dollhouse for pink lovers. 

Meeting Your Sweet comes with 6 LED lights, dust covers, English instruction booklet, tweezers, and an awl.

This product is D.I.Y., so assembly is certainly required! Typical dollhouse kits are very beginner-friendly and involve cutting and gluing, folding paper, bending wires, etc.

Difficulty: ☆☆☆

Time Needed to Complete: ~3 days

Dimensions (finished product): 24.5*20.5*16.2cm

Additional tools required (not included):



sewing kit (needle and thread is sufficient)

screwdriver glue (90mL of clear glue is recommended)

Batteries not included. Two AAA batteries are required for LED lights to work.

Note: Based on supplier availability, certain raw materials may slightly vary in style.